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Workforce development

How We Achieve It

YP Highlands/highlands Leaders

Highlands Economic Partnership offers comprehensive economic development services to existing businesses and new prospects. Our team works with businesses to help them expand, as well as recruiting new ones to meet an underserved need in our community without cannibalizing the existing workforce.

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Financial Literacy Workshops

A new vertical to the Highlands Economic Partnership, financial literacy workshops will be provided to all employees of HEP supporting companies free of charge. Workshops will be presented quarterly with a different focus topic including: Foundational Principles of Banking, Retirement 101, Asset Protection and Legacy Planning. Our primary initiative is to elevate the quality of life for citizens in our region and provide long-term financial planning opportunities.


Highlands Training Center

The Highlands Training Center is a brick and mortar facility dedicated to workforce reentry. Through the Aim High certification, individuals learn about themselves and teamwork. Following the certification, they are introduced to industry partners who support our programs.


We have a multifaceted approach to improving the quality of life for all citizens through workforce development efforts. We use networking, leadership development, financial literacy workshops and soft skills training to create a flywheel of synergy for growth, collaboration and innovation in our area.

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