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Economic development

What We Aim For

We have a multifaceted approach to improving the quality of life for all citizens through economic development efforts. We use business recruitment, business retention/expansion and industry roundtables to create a flywheel of synergy for growth, collaboration and innovation in our area.

Highlands Training Center

Looking to develop your business but not sure where to turn? Need help planning or executing your next project? Let us guide you. Any organization can move forward with small incremental changes, but building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving environment means taking bold chances and making insightful decisions.


Highlands Economic Partnership offers comprehensive economic development services to existing businesses and new prospects. Our team works with businesses to help them expand, as well as identifying areas that may lead to more efficient or sustainable outcomes.

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Industry roundtables

At Highlands Economic Partnership, we are proud to offer industry roundtables for each of our industry clusters. These roundtables are crucial for fostering collaboration, sharing insights, and addressing common challenges within our local industries. By bringing together collaborative minds, our industry roundtables facilitate meaningful discussions that drive innovation, economic growth, and strategic planning, ensuring that our region remains competitive and prosperous.



Our business recruitment efforts are workforce interest lead. We specifically target and strategically recruit companies to our region that align with the passions and interest of the workforce of the future. We also recruit businesses that will meet an underserved need or collaboration gap in our business community.

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