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Legislative ADVOCACY

The Highlands Economic Partnership is a dynamic Economic Development Organization (EDO) committed to fostering growth and prosperity in the Highlands region. With a strategic focus on collaboration and advocacy, we strive to empower businesses operating in the region through industry roundtables and legislative engagement. Our roundtables bring together key stakeholders from various sectors to facilitate meaningful conversations, share insights, and identify legislative obstacles hindering the growth of businesses in the Highlands.


Once these obstacles are identified, we take proactive steps to address them by drafting a comprehensive legislative agenda. This agenda serves as a roadmap for our advocacy efforts, enabling us to effectively represent the interests of industries in the Highlands region. By actively engaging with policymakers, government agencies, and relevant stakeholders, we work towards removing regulatory hurdles, promoting favorable business environments, and driving economic progress in the Highlands. The Highlands Economic Partnership is dedicated to creating a supportive ecosystem that encourages innovation, attracts investments, and propels the growth of businesses in the region.

Below is the 2024 Legislative Agenda:

LA 1.jpg
LA 2.jpg
LA 3.jpg
LA 4.jpg
LA 5.jpg
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