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The Highlands Training Center

The Highlands Economic Partnership, a member of a community impact coalition, received a grant from the state of Tennessee to assist individuals receiving government assistance. The primary objective of this funding is to uplift children from poverty. Leveraging these resources, the Highlands Economic Partnership established the Highlands Training Center, dedicated to facilitating workforce re-entry. Accredited by the state of Tennessee, our center offers the Aim High certification program. Aim High focuses on essential workforce principles, including loyalty to employers, punctuality, effective team communication, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, and comprehensive professional development opportunities, among others.



During the first portion of the Aim High certification, individuals will use psychometric data to learn about their strengths as well as what industries and jobs they will have fulfillment doing. They will also learn critical components of emotional intelligence, professional development and team communication tactics.


Once the classroom portion of the Aim High certification is complete, we introduce our graduates to our industry partners based on their psychometric data to give them the highest likelihood of success possible in their new role.


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