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Financial Literacy Workshops

A Family Wellness and Engagement Series

Foundational Principles of Banking

By forming genuine partnerships with local banking institutions that prioritize community support and growth, the Highlands Economic Partnership offers essential foundational principles in banking. These principles help individuals understand critical rules for banking, budgeting, saving, and planning for future financial needs at any income level. With reliable, trusted advice, it provides an ideal starting point for a secure financial future.

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Foundational Principles of Asset Protection

Highlands Economic Partnership provides the essential foundational principles of asset protection, helping you identify and understand the importance of protecting your assets to secure your financial wellbeing. With their expertise, they can teach you how to obtain asset coverage and understand what liability you have on a daily basis.

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Foundational Principles of Retirement and Legacy Planning

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The Highlands Economic Partnership has partnered with an investment titan, Cravens & Co., to offer comprehensive legacy planning services to help people understand what a true retirement looks like, plan appropriately for their future, understand the tax implications of their investments and ensure their families receive as much of their money as possible.

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