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Highlands Economic Partnership Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Launch of 'Oh! The Place You Could Work!' Coloring Book to Inspire Career Exploration in Children

In a colorful celebration of its 20th anniversary, the Highlands Economic Partnership is proud to present 'Oh! The Place You Could Work!', a unique color by number coloring book crafted to spark career curiosity and self-belief among children in the Highlands region. The commemorative event, which took place on June 8, 2024, showcased this special project that embodies the partnership's commitment to nurturing the economic and educational landscape of the community.


Recognizing the importance of career exploration at every age, the Highlands Economic Partnership, led by President & CEO Amy New and Vice President Adam Poe, has developed this coloring book as an early introduction to the diverse range of career possibilities within our local industry clusters. It is a powerful tool designed not only to entertain but also to educate and inspire the youngest members of our community.


Through simple, engaging poetry and interactive coloring activities using logos and color palettes of local businesses, 'Oh! The Place You Could Work!' encourages children aged 5-9 to dream big and envision themselves in various professional roles, fostering a sense of possibility and aspiration from an early age.


In partnership with Plenty Bookshop, this initiative extends beyond the pages of the coloring book. Each child that returns a completed book to Plenty Bookshop will be rewarded with a token, redeemable for a free children’s book, reinforcing the importance of reading and continued learning.


This project has been generously supported by the Highlands Economic Partnership's individual gifting program, the Highlands Initiative for Distinguished Leaders (HIDL), and Averitt, ensuring that over 10,000 children across the Upper Cumberland will receive their coloring book free of charge.


Distribution of 'Oh! The Place You Could Work!' will commence in August, with copies available at local chambers of commerce and school systems. This initiative underscores the belief that early engagement in career exploration is essential in shaping the workforce of tomorrow and in supporting the ongoing development of the Highlands region.

Here are some photos to recap the magical celebration:

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